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Fleur de Lys Boardroom

Board of Trustees for Candybar Fashion

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Candybar doll modelling competition judging room.

The Board Only.

The place where the Board decide who stays on in the Fleur de Lys Challenge, becoming one step closer to gaining a truly supreme model contract.

Here are the esteemed judges of fdl_models.

Mae Rawcliffe [gigahurtz]

Mae Rawcliffe is a world-renowned supermodel and founder of the Fleur de Lys Modelling Agency. Appearing on countless magazine covers and strutting down the runways of the globe, Mae opened the Agency to find and train girls who are born for the fashion industry. Born in merry London, England, her know-how of the current industry and honest attitude is sure to find the new face of Fleur de Lys.

Holden Delaney [shibaiko]

Holden Delaney is a clothing designer, whose work has shown on runways all over the world. He was born and grew up in Seattle, Washington, but spent several years in Austin, Texas, where, in an attempt to rebel against his free-spirited literature-obsessed parents, he got his degree in Chemistry. Upon graduation, however, he realized that he did not want to be a chemist, he wanted to work in fashion, and so he moved back to Seattle. With the help of his twin sister, Portia, he has been able to make a name for himself in the industry, and hopes to help aspiring models do the same.

Clemendy [pierrelle]

Clémentine Le Croix (“Clemendy”) is an Heiress to the world's most prestigious fashion editorial empire, Iris Style magazine. Hailing from Paris, she debuted her modelling career at tender age of 5. Modelling took her to different places in the world, earning her many praises and titles such as "Not Just a Daughter of--". By the age of 18 however, she grew tired of the modelling world and decided to focus on her academics. She read Law at Oxford University, graduating with top honours. While preparing for her MBA degree, she now serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Iris Style.

Mimette Clark [hhkitten]

Former model and now fashion photographer, Mimette Clark is no stranger to the fashion industry. Her photographs have embraced covers from all around the world. Expect her to give nothing but true honesty and constructive criticism to the models in order to prepare them for the harsh realities of the fashion industry. Having been on two sides of the fashion industry, Mimette's critiques and advice will sure transform one of these models-to-be into true Top Model.

Portia Delaney [_morning_glow]

Portia Delaney is a casting director who attends open calls in cities around the world, looking for the newest, freshest faces in fashion. Eight minutes younger than her brother Holden, Portia was also born and raised in Seattle but relocated to San Francisco for college. While getting her degree in art, she and her roommate started a magazine which became Spark, now a popular fashion and pop culture magazine.

Posting these on relevant doll-making forums etc. would be greatly appreciated by the Board.

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